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Shrimp Fried Riot 016

2nd Feb 2017, 2:02 AM in Shrimp Fried Riot
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Shrimp Fried Riot 016
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Author Notes:

Xailenrath 2nd Feb 2017, 2:02 AM edit delete
This was the day of the last big bronchial attack I had to date.

It wasn’t pretty.
My lungs siezed, I tried to walk to my favorite coffeeshop, but each step made it worse.
It was for some reason that some odd lady jumped in front of me and just began talking AT me, asking inane questions.
Clearly there was something WRONG with me, but she just kept talking!
I ran past her, which was obviously a bad move.
I collapsed on a bus bench outside my bank and blacked out.
I woke up 11 minutes later, still barely breathing and made my way across the street to the coffeeshop, thinking that maybe rest would help.
(You’d think losing consciousness for 11 minutes would have been rest enough.)

Steph, the barista of The Black Drop Coffeeshop (of which Jonathan, aka “Duffy the Barista” was a former co-owner) gave me her extra albuterol inhaler and probably saved my life that day.

Trivia-wise, this day, Groundhog's Day marks the 15th anniversary of the first time I tried to get an ongoing comic started, under my own power, with my own computer. Ya see how THAT turned out.