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Out of Orbit 008

23rd May 2018, 2:33 PM in Out Of Orbit
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Out of Orbit 008
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Author Notes:

Xailenrath 23rd May 2018, 2:33 PM edit delete
This was a birthday picture done a few years ago for Rusty Everhart, aka DJ Rusty E, featuring his OC, Princess Sclera.
Don't worry. Roz & Thraxie are shapeshifters and don't necessarily have to breathe.
Roz & Thraxie find Sclera in space to present her with what they are told is the custom on their adopted world of Earth.
Ever well-meaning, but somewhat "off",
"Happy SmurfDay", they try to yell in unison. There's no sound in space, but, Sclera's enviro-helmet picks the felicitations up as radio signals.
She understood the sentiment, and giggled at the way that the shapeshifting Xarvan teens so mangled their adoptive English phrasing that even the translator unit in her necklace got it wrong.
Fortunately, the concept of 'birthdays' are all but universal.

The boys presented the lovely princess of Ceytakia with, notsomuch of a birthday cake, but a gigantic cupcake, covered with two kinds of frosting, mushrooms and an egg of unknown origin.


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