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My Own Personal Apocalypse 045

14th Jan 2020, 8:55 AM in My Own Personal Apocalypse
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My Own Personal Apocalypse 045

Author Notes:

Phoenix In Crisis 14th Jan 2020, 8:55 AM edit delete
Phoenix In Crisis
I had a few plans for My Own Personal Apocalypse that didn't quite come to fruition… like punching a certain grey alien in the face.
But, honestly, this comic went further than I thought a self-insert vent comic was gonna go.

It has lasted over twice as long as The Original Shrimp Fried Riot in terms of strips made (Not even counting "Random Instagram Funnies").

If You haven't guessed, I am returning to the use of Shrimp Fried Riot as the working title of the comic.
A) It's less… aggro/emo/loco as “My Own Personal Apocalypse”
B) It's sort of an attempt to return to the roots of what the comic was meant to be in the first place: wacky adventures and dumb jokes.
C) A new cast and possible location as I no longer live in Bellingham, and really no longer communicate with the real-life avatars of the cartoon cast of the original comic.

So, henceforth, when this particular 'world' of mine is revisited, this'll be “Shrimp Fried Riot: The Next Generation” starring the fictional cartoon son of my avatar, and his sidekick. Perhaps I'll fill the comic with the “children” of the previous cast. Perhaps not.
Like everything else I do, no one but me will really see these comics or care about them, so, I guess I can do and/or say whatever the hell I want!
I do hope you'll tune in, but, if not, hey, I understand. There's plenty of better comics out there to give your attentions to.
The first few "test" comics for SFR:TNG can be seen over on "Pilot Season".
Whether that comic is 'chosen' or not, I think I will still run with it to some degree, if only to vomit out (a version of) all the stuff I wanted to do with MOPA but didn't.