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Brides of Deetz 2021

10th Apr 2021, 12:27 PM in Geisthaven
Brides of Deetz 2021
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Author Notes:

Phoenix In Crisis 10th Apr 2021, 12:27 PM
Phoenix In Crisis
Redesigns for Hailey Rollins, Patty Charles and Sue Lynn Hastings. First seen over in the 30 Days of Characters 2021 project.
The redesigns are patterned after a certain angelic trio of Hanna-Barbera teen mystery solvers.

Dracula, aka David Alexander Deetz's had been a long, lonely life, and thus, just as he had in the past, he searched out and made himself 3 Brides:
Patty Charles, Sue Lynn Hastings and Hailey Rollins.
3 girls who, due the rather difficult circumstances of their own lives, all consented to be his True Brides, and to whom he
bestowed a fraction of his power, and turned into vampires.
As the Brides of Dracula, these ladies, too, have the ability to walk in daylight for brief periods, and, while they are not
consumed with bloodlust as the average vampire is, they DO still have to feed on human blood to survive.

Though relatively happy living the 'quiet life' in the rather haunted town of Geisthaven, Washington, Deetz's long life has
plunged the Lord of Vampires into an ever-increasing state of ennui. Though he has real love for his brides, he has no desire
to force them to sit around with him and watch his downward spiral, and thus, he has given them a mission:
Travel. See the world, and, just as the young pack of werewolves from Geisthaven does for their town, do for the rest of the
world - protect innocent people from the evils of the supernatural, and protect the innocent supernatural creatures from the
small-minded humans that would do them harm... In particular, hunt down and eliminate the only true evils that were ever a match
for the King of Vampires in ferocity and cold-blooded malice - The undead warlock, Grigori Rasputin; The trio of witches collectively
known as Baba Yaga, and possibly worst of all: a man calling himself Alexander Typhon, who is, in reality Dracula's own misbegotten
son by his former lover, Carmilla Karnstein.

David Deetz's fortune is vast, and the ladies basically have carte blanche to go where and do what they please.
Having been an amateur mystery solver, a police detective and a mildly clairvoyant former monster hunter, the ladies can take
care of themselves and each other against most threats. Now, they spend their time travelling the world maintaining the tenuous
balance between light and dark; good and evil; natural and supernatural... no matter WHAT they must do to achieve their goals.